Telecaster Hybrid Bridge-Stainless Steel, Toploader, String Through



This is the updated and refined version of our acclaimed T-style bridge!  We’ve relieved the sides into an elliptical shape to facilitate picking and added a hybrid toploader/string through capability. Strings can be routed through the body or toploader style to yield different tension characteristics on each string. Because of our more robust construction, there is no loss of sustain or tone as with vintage-style toploader bridges!

As with all our parts, tone is a primary consideration. After exhaustive testing of a wide variety of materials and thicknesses on various instruments of different types, we determined our current offering is the optimal tonal solution for any T-style guitar. Since it is essentially twice the thickness of a factory stamped ash-tray bridge, there is an increase in sustain and an emphasis on the fundamental note not present with a traditional stamped bridge. In practice, we have observed an increase in vitality on instruments that are otherwise lackluster and an enhancement on even the best specimen we tested. Essentially, we found our bridge to produce an increase in volume and resonance without sacrificing the inherent tone of the guitar.

This bridge is equally at home on a premium custom build that requires the finest components available, or an existing instrument that has not yet reached its potential!  Our bridges are CNC machined from a solid billet of stainless steel and then lovingly hand finished to an attractive satin sheen. Fits vintage spec bridge patterns.


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